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Public collection "OABB" in Zotero - Open Access resources

Literature and further materials in Zotero

Public Collection "OABB" in Zotero includes open access resources from and for institutions based in Berlin as well as literature references related to topics of Open Access and Open Science.

You are welcome to contribute to the collection! Please just contact the Open-Access-Büro Berlin.

How to use this Library?

The references in this library are collaboratively collected and continuously curated by the OABB.

Please note the following guidelines:

Who can contribute?

  • In principle, everyone interested in Open Access and Open Science is invited to contribute to the OABB library. The prerequisite is that either you communicate your Zotero user name to the OABB (oabb@open-access-berlin.de) or that you choose a user clear name and/or user information to request membership in this group making it possible to identify the contributing person in order to ensure a certain level of trustworthiness.

Topics and folders

  • The entire "OABB" library can be found in the "OABB" folder. This is called a collection according to the Zotero terminology. The subfolders are called sub-collections.
  • The library focuses among other things on Open Access and Open Science activities in Berlin and this is why it also contains OABB-specific collections.
  • The library is structured either thematically or by country. It furthermore includes a folder called "X_Unsorted References”. In this folder, you can park references that you are unclear which category they belong to and the OABB will assign them to a proper sub-collection. The library also includes a folder called "X_Contributors Libraries" for collections of individual group members.
  • Please do not change the folder structure. Suggestions for changes and additions are welcome and will be implemented by the OABB.

How to create / delete references?

  • Please check first on the top folder level "OABB" if the reference already exists. Where appropriate, you may copy this reference into another suitable subfolder (Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop).
  • Please do not delete any entries unless you have created them yourself.
  • Each reference appears on the top folder level "OABB". It can (but does not have to) additionally be copied to subfolders.
  • All references without assignment to a folder / collection can be found under: "Entries without collection".


  • Curating includes completing / correcting and standardizing information in the entries such as for example dates (i.e. year in the format "YYYY) to make a meaningful use of references in bibliographies etc possible.
  • In the case of redundant references (see under "entry duplicates"), the entries with more meaningful metadata are kept.
  • You are welcome to enrich the references with tags as the OABB can curate the references only to a limited extent.